Yung Drung Bon Chanting
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Here you will find mantras and prayers of the ancient Tibetan tradition –
Yung Drung Bon.

I hope these recordings will inspire and support you!

Also I hope it will help you to better understand the complicated melody of Tibetan singing tradition.

The idea to record mantras and prayers belongs to and blessed by His Holiness 33rd Menri Tridzin Rinpoche, for everyone who could be listening to it. The process of recording is guided by Chongtul Rinpoche

Yung Drung Bon Chanting

1 Si Gyal Drak Ngak (Mantra) Buy
2 Yong Zin Ma Wei Seng Ghe Buy
3 Pho We Sol Dep (Phowa Prayer) Buy
4 Ma Gye Gong Choe Nam Sum (A Ma Yin) Buy
5 Rig Zin Tse Dup (Long Life Mantra) Buy
6 Gyal Wa Menri Wa Chen No Buy
7 Lanchen Drenpa Namkha (Main Mantra) Buy
8 Bar Che Lam Sel (Prayer to dispel all obstacles) Buy
9 Ma Chik Sipi Gyalmo Invocation Buy
10 Ngo Wa Monlam (Dedication of Marits) Buy
11 Lha Chok Ma Wei Seng Ghe (Mavi Senge Mantra) Buy
12 Nam Par Gyal Wei Yig Gya (100 syllable Mantra) Buy
13 Ten Gye Mon Lam Buy
14 Drenpi Tsedup (Mantra) Buy
15 Sherab Jamma Chenmo (Prayer and Mantra) Buy
16 Changtul Mandala Buy
17 Nor Lha (Zambala Mantra) Buy
18 Je Nyamed Chen Poi Sol Dep (Sherab Gyaltsen Prayer) Buy
19 Ma Tri (Heart Mantra) Buy
20 Sa Le Woe (Heart Mantra) Buy
21 Dhu Tri Su (Heart Mantra) Buy
22 Konchok Sumla Chap Su Dro (Refuge) Buy
23 Jhang Chup Sem Chok Rinpoche (Bodhichitta) Buy
24 Lame Nal Jor (Guru Yoga) Buy
25 Mandala Buy
26 Zambala (Mantra) Buy
27 Chap Dro (Refuge) Buy